About L. Howard Facey & Co

Howard Facey's and Camille Facey's years of experience in law and in the corporate world provide the underpinning of the expertise the firm makes available to a diverse client base. Their interest and involvement in national development, small business development, education, arts & culture, technology integration and public policy enable them to take a holistic view of issues and provide their clients with reasoned, practical and informed advice on a range of issues.


Howard FaceyL. Howard Facey, LL.B, LL.M


Career Summary

L. Howard Facey was called to the Bar in Jamaica in October 1978 and has spent over 38 years as an Attorney-at-law providing legal services to private and public sector clients. He is the holder of a Bachelors and a Masters Degree in Law from the University of the West Indies. He is also a graduate of the Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica and the holder of a Legal Education Certificate from the Council of Legal Education.   ..more

Camille FaceyCamille Facey, LL.B

Camille Facey – Accomplished Attorney-at-Law, recognized transformational leader, strategic visionary, skillful negotiator, and dynamic presenter.   ..more